Mr. Pravinbhai Narsinhbhai Donda

About Rainbow Gems.

Rainbow Gems (HK) LTD was established in 1997. It is a family business, which is run by two generations until now. Everyone along the line has gained accurate knowledge and experience in natural fancy colour diamonds over the period of over 40 years.

The company’s chairman, Mr. Pravinbhai Narsinhbhai Donda, is specially known for his skilled performance in the diamond community. Since a young age, he has developed and refined his skills for natural fancy colour diamonds specifically, and has successfully passed it on to his family.

During the initial start up of the company in Hong Kong, it was a notably arduous journey for a person who could not speak or understand English or another local language. Despite these hurdles, with his efforts, he managed to establish a successful business which we call Rainbow Gems today.

Mr. Rashmikant Donda, the elder son of Mr. Pravinbhai Donda, soon inherited the same knowledge of colour accuracy and precision, along with a detailed understanding of diamond like his father. Although he went to study another field in the states, the challenges he faced and experiences he learnt from were a tremendous advantage. This did not just to boost the business, but it marked the new heights for the company, which eventually opened new gates for the company. Soon Mr. Pravinbhai Donda’s younger son, Mr. Jignesh Donda, followed the same footsteps and joined the business. He also eventually got a strong hand over sourcing rough diamonds & manufacturing.

“Make life colourful”

Under this treasured vision, the company made steady and commendable growth which gradually painted our reputation as ‘DONDA’. We smoothly got into the limelight, known for our unwavering supply of diamonds requiring quality and quantity. With strong business relationships and numerous market opportunities, our company was able to attain a strong position in the diamond market and industry.

With this laudable enthusiasm and passion formed through time, Rainbow Gems is all set to prove to you our royal commitment and top services on our online portal. With a goal to reach across the other side of the world with a single click, we are always ready for new opportunities. Let's work together and ‘Make Life Colourful’, together.

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